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The Mystery Shopper service is a research program in which specially trained agents visit retail stores, establishments or company offices posing ordinary customers.



An NPS score determines the number of consumers dissatisfied with the service provided, and identifies the reasons for this opinion and offers suitable measures to correct short coming.



Surveys enables you to get opinions from a large variety of people – people of any age, gender, education and income level can be interviewed in just one day.



It is extremely important for any manufacturer to analyze the price of products and services offered by its competitors. Price monitoring helps you obtain important information directly from outlets.

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Scheduling Worldwide

By 4Service Group TM
  • We support each other, because we have realized that great results can be achieved only by working as part of a team. We respect ourselves, our colleagues and our partners. Ethics and humanity determine our behaviour within the company, as well as with interested parties.

  • We are honest with ourselves and with the people we interact with. The relationships we build are based on honesty and fairness and we are prepared to ask direct questions,in order to clear up tricky aspects. In return, we expect honest answers from our customers. We trust our partners and colleagues and expect decency and honesty in return.

  • Our boldness is expressed in our desire for greater and in conquering new challenges, as well as in our desire to achieve more than what is possible. We are full of life and energy. We are not afraid to try new things, set big goals and overcome challenges on our way. Our boldness is in our determination and absence of fear!

  • Our actions are not linear. We strive not to waste time and each of us thinks before they act. We understand the results that each effort will bring and always systematize actions for the maximum benefit.


Dmitriy Pavlenko

Head of Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service
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Anastasiya Vladovich

International Sales Manager EMEA
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Alexandr Nesterenko

International Sales Manager EMEA
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Alexey Tsysar

Owner, 4Service Group

Today, customer service is developing with lightning speed with new products and services emerging all the time. The competition is very fierce. Every company wants to attract as many customers as possible and advertising, discounts and bonuses are all actively used to attract more customers. However, if company does not offer good customer service, or it does not satisfy the customer’s needs, it is highly probable that your customers will turn to your competitors.

Scheduling Worldwide offers a wide variety of mystery shopping services across 52 countries in Europe and Asia on behalf of a number of international Mystery Shopping providers. We have more than 200,000 shoppers who collectively speak 29 languages and have a further 200 operational staff who oversee the management and quality control systems of the services we offer in order to provide real added value to your projects.

Our team consists of professional, talented and highly efficient members of staff who aim to provide only a quality results. Although there are many methods of market research, mystery shopping is the most effective.Mystery shopping services are the most powerful and effective tool to evaluate your business through the eyes of a regular customer.

Providers of mystery shopping services enable companies, which need to increase their sales levels, to identify any weaknesses in their business model, check customer service standards and evaluate sales techniques. Mystery shopper services aim to gain information from consumer experience and use mystery shoppers to collect research and information. The mystery shoppers make purchases or use a company’s service as if they were ordinary customers. During this time, they pay attention to the attitudes of the staff towards the customer, the speed of service offered, adherence to the company dress code, customer service skills and sales techniques.



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