10 internet marketing trends important to implement

Mobile first index

The importance of displaying your website on users’ mobile devices is one of the key factors. More and more regions, business niches and websites have received this search engine update. The purpose of the update is to show in TOP only those websites that have a good mobile version besides the desktop one.

If you are a business owner, be sure to check how your website looks from a mobile device after CMS updates, redesign, rebranding and so on. Otherwise, you risk leaving the TOP-10, or even the TOP-30.

Note that if the proposed content in the mobile version is different from the desktop one, the search engine will select and show the desktop version to users as a priority.

You should always remember about the page loading speed and the mobile-friendly level. It is possible to find out the current results with the PageSpeed ​​Tools, or rather its Insights section in the first case and the mobile friendly test in the second case.

Accelerating the dynamics of new requests

If you created a semantic core for your website in 2014-2015, we want to ‘congratulate’ you – most likely it is no longer relevant. The reason for this is not only in the growth of new requests, trends, but also the geometrically inflated rates of the dynamics. The world is accelerating its change. Absolutely the same process occurs in the Internet trends. All you have to do is choose to keep up with this pace, and either be on the crest of a wave or fall behind unsuccessfully. We advise you to stick to the first option.

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Content remains a basis of everything

Everything is simple. In this direction, the structure has not changed. If your website really owns content that most comprehensively satisfies informational or commerce needs of customers – this is an excellent sign.

And vice versa – if people do not spend on the website a niche average amount of time, while the percentage of failures reaches 60-70 percent – this is a bad sign. Redo pages right now! If your website is not informational, but commercial, first of all, pay attention to the following pages: assortment, reviews, delivery page, contacts. They brightly represent the website compliance with the commercial segment.

Links are still important

Although several years have passed since Google announced that links, as a search ranking factor, are losing their key role and fading pale into insignificance, niche experts say the opposite – links are still important, and can help to overcome competitors very effectively, for example, from the TOP-15 level to the TOP-3 level.

Future of online sales is in marketplaces

One of the recent trends confirms that the importance of marketplaces of general or niche type will only strengthen.

It is hard for the ordinary websites to push out others that have billions of pages and links. Accordingly, you need to adapt and try to go as far as possible in cooperation with the websites of this type. Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon – yes, everything is sold there. Just make sure.

Video blogging/video production

It perfectly manifests itself in the promotion of goods or services. The promotion algorithm is approximately the following: find 10 popular video bloggers close to your niche and offer them to cooperate in promoting your product/service. Most likely 3-4 of them will agree. Thanks to UTM link tags and properly set Google Tag Manager, you can easily understand the number of users coming from these channels and those performing conversion actions.

After analyzing the success rate, you will clearly understand which video blogger is the best for you.

Website security

It should remain the focus of the team. About 50,000 websites are hacked every day on the World Wide Web. Just remember this number. Of course, ideally, there should be an employee in your staff who can:

  • Protect the website from phishing attacks;
  • Provide Two-Step Authentication (2SV);
  • Perform timely Software Updates – CMS;
  • Implement Https;
  • Conduct Google search console verification;
  • Be responsible for backups;
  • Provide corresponding training for employees.

We advise it as a mandatory step.

Permanent increase in prices for clicks from context, remuneration, links, etc.

Another already established trend is a constant growth of constituent parts of the digital strategy: click in Google Adwords, the cost of 1 link, the cost of the post, the cost of creating a website design.

Therefore, it is better not to postpone the strategy for creating a digital product of the company, but to do it as early as possible in order not to spend huge money in the future.

User is becoming even more demanding

The penultimate trend of our TOP is that every Internet user is becoming more and more demanding of web resources every year. This happens primarily because of abundance of offers on the market. For example, in 2008 there were 5-7 major market players who owned the websites in each niche, now there are 50-70 of them, if not more, consequently, the user can compare and ask about other offers. Web analysts’ observations show that the number of customers’ web-contacts with the brand on the Internet has also increased. If earlier a person was ready to make an order after 2-3 contact with the brand, now the number of contacts that a person needs to take a decision sometimes reaches 10-12 visits.

Websites for people with disabilities

It is a great trend. Its sense lies in the fact that there are special versions of the websites created for visually impaired people. Such versions must meet the following criteria:

  • Perceptibility
  • Operability
  • Clarity
  • Reliability

All the functions presented on these websites must be accessible from the keyboard.

The user must have enough time to become familiar with the content. Do not use flashing pages and blocks, as well as sharp sounds. Website pages should be easy to navigate and the user should be able to understand where he is.

● Bonus! Magic pill: How to get quickly to the first place of Google issue in 1 month! No way ☺ Many people wonder, ‘How to get quickly to the first place of Google issue in a highly competitive niche?’ For example, let us take the niche of banking services as an example. The recipe for the first place is very simple – you just need to become the most discussed, the loudest player in the niche. That very day, with high probability, you will find your website in the TOP-1 of the most competitive search requests of your niche, or at least in the TOP-3.

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