Benchmarking from Scheduling WorldwideTM: A guide to knowing your competitors better

All consumers compare goods and services offered by different companies before making a purchase in order to make an informed decision on which company offers the best value for price and quality. Business owners also compare their products and services with those of their competitors. However, how are businesses able to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors? Scheduling WorldwideTM has produced a professional tool to help with this task: benchmarking.

How does benchmarking work?

This marketing tool offers great benefits to those who want to understand how to increase their competitive edge on the market. It:

  • Provides comprehensive information about competitors’ activities;
  • Helps identify any shortcomings in your business model or within your company’s activities and offers solutions based on other players on the market;
  • Offers a comparative analysis of service quality;
  • Develops macro-cases for obtaining service advantages and achieving set goals and objectives

Benchmarking also allows users to build a realistic image of their competitors’ businesses and obtain the most important information. This information includes:

  • the competence of competitors’ employees;
  • the speed of customer service offered by competitors;
  • the focus put on sales
  • the politeness shown by staff towards customers

With benchmarking, you will receive a report containing the results of the above-listed analysis. The report will provide you with useful information and specific recommendations on how to increase customer loyalty and sales levels and any errors/weaknesses which need eliminating.

How does Scheduling WorldwideTM’s benchmarking service provide the required results?

To understand the difference in service offered at your outlets, in comparison with those offered by your competitors, data must be collected at those outlets directly. However, only a team of specialists who know what to look for and what questions to ask, can carry out this work as soon as possible.

Our company has extensive experience in this field. We have all necessary resources on hand, both technical and human. Our team counts with tens of thousands of mystery shoppers located in different cities across Europe who carry out inspections in stores and offices at your request. They are specially trained and are therefore able to accurately analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the outlet. Their report will allow you to receive the most objective and detailed information.

Our services also help you to study your competitors in detail. This will also bring real benefits to your business. Our mystery shoppers will do their best to obtain the necessary information for you to compare the results of benchmarking and to find out the truth about the quality of service offered at your outlets.

We will help you to stop fearing your competitors as you will have learned where their strengths and weaknesses lie and be able to use this knowledge to your own advantage for the benefit of your own company. This information about your competitors will also enable you to make important decisions, outwit the competitors and increase your competitiveness. We will help you to improve your image and to increase your customer loyalty ratings.

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