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The level of customer service, customer loyalty and staff motivation can and should be calculated. Special market research can provide objective results in these areas but they must be analyzed correctly in order to get their full benefit. Scheduling WorldwideTM’s consulting services can help you get the most out of your market research.

What benefits can Scheduling WorldwideTM’s consulting services offer you?

Our main aim is to help your company change for the better. Therefore we direct our services at facilitating growth in the following areas:

  • the involvement of your staff
  • the level of customer service;
  • customer loyalty;
  • sales

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s business consulting services are a logical continuation of the “Mystery shopper” program which helps determine the actual situation taking place in every outlet.

How we work ?

Our consultancy division strives to cover the several aspects of customer service which have a direct effect on the quality of a company. In order to do so, we follow these steps:

  • we develop high standards of customer service;
  • we analyze the data obtained by the Mystery Shopper program and collate it;
  • we aid the motivation of staff, breaking down any resistance shown in the implementation of methods for analyzing and improving customer service;
  • we create and implement systems aimed at increasing employee motivation;
  • we help stimulate company sales.

At Scheduling WorldwideTM, we understand that changes in customer service should be adopted across all levels of the company. Therefore, we also organize special seminars for regional managers to help them understand the need for change and offer specific recommendations for action and work plans.

Our business consultants use the best world practices during these seminars, choosing the most suitable ones in accordance with specific problems faced by companies.

In order to conduct our work to the best of our ability, we subscribe to the following corporate values:

We love our work and clients. We know what good customer service is and we strive to ensure its benefits are passed on to our customers.
Our work offers benefits. Our market research and advice have a clear practical consequences. We don’t offer any vague recommendations, only specific action plans.

We are true. We will help you discover accurate information about the real situation of your business. We only make promises which we can keep.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge. We strive to share recommendations to improve your customer service. We never hide any information and we are always willing to pass on our expertise to customers.

We are courageous. We are ready to tackle even the most difficult tasks as we know that we have all the necessary technologies and resources to succeed.

By choosing Scheduling WorldwideTM’s consultancy services, you will receive mutual cooperation to take your company’s customer service to a new level. You will also benefit from our expertise in the field of sales, customer service and world practices. Any decisions and recommendations made by us are based on experience and previous cases which have been successfully implemented all over the world.

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