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Scheduling WorldwideTM’s call center – live communication with customers

The idea for us to create our own call center was born a long time ago. We had analyzed our own personal experiences with call centers run by different companies during various focus groups and internal surveys and it transpired that all participants hated “robots”. This term does not simply refer to a machine which performs a specific program, but also to a person who is restricted by templates and who is unable to use their own initiative to undertake their role. Communication with these employees cannot be called interesting, which means that it cannot be useful for business.

So we decided to develop the concept of a “live” call center. This is a customer service center, in which the employees do not use ready-made templates, scripts or modules. We help our specialists develop the ability to act based on the situation in play, personifying communication with the respondent.

Why is it important to communicate effectively with a customer? Because it allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the service and product, and quickly eliminate any shortcomings. Management are unaware of many problems experienced by customers and do not know how many customers are disappointed with products/services received and who turn to competitors. The overseeing of these processes should become part of the daily routine for business development. It is for these reasons that we have launched our Scheduling WorldwideTM call center, which effectively achieves this goal and allows companies to improve their reputations.

We develop individual call center briefs for each customer, taking into account their wishes and objectives and using the recommendations of experienced specialists. We also coordinate the project and brief specialists on the specific requirements of the task.

Advantages of the Scheduling WorldwideTM call center:

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s call center offers its users the following advantages:

  • The truth about your company’s real business affairs. Our specialists are able to collect important information on customers’ likes and dislikes and relay this information accurately to you.
  • Profit growth. By working with specialists at the call center, you can eliminate any weaknesses identified during the customer satisfaction survey and work towards rectifying the situation in your outlets instantly, thus satisfying customer expectations.
  • An increase in customer loyalty. As your approach to customer service grows, the attitude of your customers also changes. Their loyalty towards your company increases and the number of customers buying products or services from your competitors decreases.
  • The ability to implement more complex projects. Full communication with customers enables you to see future prospects and to implement even the most ambitious projects, leaving competitors behind.
  • Optimal pricing policy. We have our own resources for conducting market research, and these make it possible to pass down the savings to each of our partners.

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s call center will help you to hear your customers by using communication to your advantage. You can transform disloyal consumers into those who will come back again and again. Do you want to know the real truth about your business? We are ready to help you!

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