Scheduling WorldwideTM’s census tool puts every outlet under close supervision

No commercial network remains unchanged over time. It is constantly growing or shrinking depending on the market environment – old stores close and new ones open. These are natural changes for any business but they can cause problems for manufactures and distributors. They experience a slipping in control of the situation on the market and trading partnerships lose their power. In order to keep a close eye on the market trends, it is occasionally necessary to carry out a retail audit and market specialists Scheduling WorldwideTM are ready to help with that task.

What are the features of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s census service?

Census is an important study that is carried out using a specific strategy. This strategy includes:

  • The division of the area across which research is conducted. The area is divided into sectors and assignments shared between specialists;
  • Census cards are made which specialists use to keep records;
  • A schedule of actions is drawn up and its terms determined;
  • Staff are informed of the rules of conducting a census. During this time, emphasis is placed on the need to cover the whole designated area and being polite to the staff who work at the outlets to be visited;
  • Questionnaires a completed electronically and can be checked by the management team

What information does a census provide?

The main objective of a census is to find out the truth about the situation in the sales outlets in a certain areas. Thanks to the work of our specialists, Scheduling WorldwideTM can offer its customers several pieces of important information, including:

  • The number of outlets which are located with a specific area and their features;
  • Information on the management team and their contact details;
  • Information relating to suppliers, their mode of operation and forms of payment.

All the information collected is entered into an electronic database which can be accessed by businesses instantly and is laid out simply for ease of use. The information gives businesses the opportunity to:

  • develop a promotional strategy;
  • create and modernize distribution networks;
  • carry out retail audits;
  • analyze their competitors.

Collaboration with Scheduling WorldwideTM is always convenient, profitable and interesting. We do all the hard work for you. Thanks to our input, you won’t need to hire new employees or take existing ones away from their basic duties to carry out an audit. Scheduling WorldwideTM has the necessary team of specialists for the audits who have been trained and tested. We are also always ready to recruit new ones to increase our team and be able to take on tasks of any scale. We also always approach our duties responsibly and with care, offering our clients only useful pieces of information and practical recommendations that will improve their business. All of our customers which have tried this service have become permanent and repurchase our services.

Do you want to launch a new brand and need detailed information about the factors in play on the market? Do you want to improve the work of your distribution network?

Scheduling WorldwideTM is at your service!

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