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We would like to share with you one innovation that we decided to implement. Considering that our company works with the goal to make this world a better place, we cannot stay aside from the very important issues that our society is trying to solve. What is meant by this is the donation of funds for charity foundations worldwide🙏
Thus, we are glad to announce that we have made the first step on the long way of reaching the goal. The company has signed the contract with International Fund having decided to approach the matter on the worldwide scale from the very start🤝 The first donation was successfully transacted to the International Cancer Foundation www.wam.cryosurgery.at

Moreover, the opportunity to make the donation is provided to our Mystery Shoppers as well. You will be able to make a good deed within your own country and in such a way, piece by piece, we will make a huge contribution to such an important matter👐
The official contract and reporting on the monthly basis makes the initiative transparent and constantly accessible.
The option will be available on the 4service.shopmetrics.com the questionnaire block, in which you will have the possibility to donate from any survey you fill in 👐
We would like to highlight, that one person can make the difference in anything and everything, though once we unite in this, the contribution will be massive!
Join us and let’s turn the odds to our favor in the fight with this serious disease! 🙏

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