Customer Experience and Customer Service. What is it?

Customer experience is the result of interaction between the company and the customer. The interaction consists of:

  • Customer journey
  • Location/place of interaction “brand touchpoints” (physical, telephone, digital)
  • Environment and atmosphere.

Let’s consider Customer Experience from two angles:

Customer service

Customer service is the provision of services to customers before, during and after purchase. To ensure quality of service is much more difficult than to ensure quality of goods. Service consists of many attributes which affect the basic and ideal expectations of customers; for example, service speed, cleanliness, and staff behavior.

Personal service

Personal service is service in the narrowest sense, i.e., “person to person” contact. The requirements for personal interaction depend on a range of historical and cultural factors. Customer experience incorporates the full spectrum of interaction. Customer service is the service provided before, during and after the sale. Personal service involves a one-on-one contact between two people.

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