Customer service

Customer service: offering customer care and improving brand reputation

Customer service is a unique system of actions, the purpose of which, is to increase customer satisfaction. It makes consumers feel that the product or service offered by the company is in line with their expectations and it leaves them willing to recommend the brand to their friends and relatives.
Customer service is the foundation for building positive customer relationships and its main aim is the positive formation of customer experience, giving customers the reason to return to a certain store or repurchase a service.

How does your company create customer service?

As a rule, customer service is different in different companies but it does have general standards. Having a general standard is effective, but it has two flaws – it does not take into account situations on a case by case basis nor the specifics requirements of the client. Even if a company complies with instructions and basic standards of customer service, the level of customer loyalty is often still low. Offering customers basic service does not impress them. Therefore, it is time to inject customer service with emotion and offer a creative and individual approach.
Strictly implementing standards on staff, such as punishing them for mistakes made and berating them for a lack of loyalty, are actions of bad managers and non-progressive leadership styles. Customers also become annoyed with standard questions such as “How can I help you?” This may surprise you but these phrases do not have the same impact today that they did a few years ago.

Companies need to be aware that the base of customer service is:

  • customer support;
  • customer care

These are two important components of customer service which should be taken into account when developing a strategy for increasing customer loyalty.
Customer support is a certain number of actions which have the aim of helping customers choose and buy products or services. Specially trained consultants support customers with their task not being to sell products or services but to assist the customer in making a decision. It also requires fast and competent feedback through various communication channels, technical support during sales and a well-developed returns system.
Customer service is a well-established customer support system. Companies often have an effective customer service system but not all of them are ready to implement a high level of customer care as this service component requires more than just following the basic standards of service. The definition of customer care is the comprehensive personalized care of a customer and the attitude shown to them, not just as a regular customer but as an individual.

Staff communicate with customers on the company’s behalf and function as its ambassadors to a certain extent so successful communication becomes a customer experience. This communication includes all customer interaction with the company. Therefore, it is important that each customer has an extremely positive experience with your company as this will lead to an increase in recommendations, and finally, company profit.

Scheduling WorldwideTM can offer advice on how to build positive customer relationships within your company. These include:

  • Using mystery shoppers. You can obtain important information about the state of affairs in your outlets with the help of our team of mystery shoppers. This also enables you to correct any flaws in your business strategy in time;
  • POS-audit. With this service, companies can learn which promotions are profitable and how active their promotional team is as well as gaging the effect of the POS-materials used;
  • Guest Track. Companies can receive feedback from customers who have shared their opinions and experience. You will receive the necessary information for analyzing and improving your service;
  • NPS management. This will help determine the number of customers who are willing to recommend your brand and company to others

The base of each of these marketing tools has been established from our own experience at Scheduling WorldwideTM. We have been developing the service sphere in various European countries for many years. Based on this experience, we can see how the quality of customer service is changing and we know just how important it is to join the customer service world in time to achieve even the most ambitious goals. Entrust your reputation to Scheduling WorldwideTM today.

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