Digital Trends 2019

2018 year passed under the sign of perfection and development. Throughout the year, we could observe the growth of the impact of various social trends, such as video content, augmented reality and influential marketing.

But now we are on the verge of a new digital year.

What is waiting for us ahead and what should we pay attention to in 2019?

The Internet is smoothly replacing TV

According to the various forecasts, the Internet use will catch up with TV watching hours. Forecasts say that a person will spend 2.6 hours per day on the Internet and 2.7 hours on television. And 45 minutes a day a person will spend on watching a mobile video on the Internet.

Consequently, in 2019 companies should spend more time and money not on television ads, but on web video, social media and web ads. So are you ready to switch your gaze and direct it to the mobile video space?

Live streams will grow

Live streams on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have entered our lives. Over the past 3 years, they have gained incredible popularity. In 2016 more than 80% of users watched more live broadcasts than a year ago. Many brands have added live broadcasts in social networks to their work processes on a permanent basis. If you have not implemented this tool in your business in 2018 yet, do not miss this trend in 2019, as 67% of viewers say they are more likely to buy a product or brand service if they see and learn about it in a live broadcast.

So do not miss the meeting with your customers on air.

The video content will gain momentum

Like the live video, the traditional video content will grow as well. It is expected that in 2019 the video will gain 85% of the total Internet traffic.

As of today, 54% of Internet users regularly watch video on social networking platforms and in the coming years this number will only increase. Along with this, the popularity of video ads is also growing. On Instagram 65% of the ads included video content and this number will be getting higher. Therefore, do not miss this trend! It is worth to consider the introduction of a 2019 SMM strategy.

You can implement it in a variety of ways, depending on your goals, for example, launch a video ad on YouTube and Instagram, create your own video content or collaborate with an influential person for paid advertising and post information about yourself and your services in their videos.

Using Chatbots will become a habitual thing

In 2019 even larger increase in the use of chatbots is expected, and this phenomenon will become absolutely normal for consumers. In connection with this, the introduction of chatbots will not become novelty, but even more spread and more convenient tool for the customers.

In fact, chatbots have been used by many companies for several years, and this is not surprising as they give a great opportunity to provide customer convenience and save time.

In 2019 they will be even more spread, especially for service companies. To order a pizza, book a hotel room, order a home service – all these and much more will be in power of the chatbot.

Save time and minimize troubles for your customers.

Surveys show that most consumers are positive about chatbot tool. According to the LivePerson research, only 19% of the 5,000 interviewed consumers had a negative attitude to chatbots, 33% had positive experience, and 48% of the respondents were indifferent to this tool until their problems were resolved.

Try to introduce the chatbot into your workflow not to stay behind competitors. The development of chatbot is easier than many people think, and its advantages are incredible.

They can help to close sales, reduce the risk of losing customers due to the long waiting time, as well as simplify the lives of customers who are accustomed to getting what they want quickly and without superfluous complexity.

People prefer recommendations rather than advertising.

This trend was and remains one of the most important to focus on. People trust recommendations given by those they know, not the advertising.

The decline in the popularity of advertising among consumers began a few years ago. In 2015, a study showed that people trust things they know – the official brand websites, reviews and editorials. Advertisements are at the bottom of this list, and this trend has not changed yet.

It is expected that around 30% of Internet users will use add blocks, that is, advertising will be largely ignored by consumers.

But this does not mean that marketers need to abandon advertising completely.

For advertisements, there is still a place in the promotion strategy, but it should be transformed into a more relevant and valuable consumer view. Therefore, brands should invest more effort and money in content marketing, influential marketing, various partnerships and everything that is capable of providing real value for the consumer. Now advertising should not be just a promotion but become as valuable as possible for the audience.

Automation is everywhere these days enabling users to accomplish a wide range of tasks – from booking a taxi ride, checking luggage at the airport, booking a hotel room right through to booking a doctor’s appointment. It becomes the main trend for not only customer focused companies but for all existing businesses to provide excellent self-service conditions for customers enabling them to avoid simple cases solving and focus on more complex tasks.

AI-powered, automated customer service solutions constitute the trend not only for upcoming 2019-2020 but also the future of forward-thinking businesses.

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