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Scheduling WorldwideTM’s Distribution Check: How to monitor the representation of your products in the retail network

It is impossible to develop a business without using various analytics. For example, it is difficult to make the right decisions without knowing exactly what is going on in specific outlets. However, the success of your business is based on analyzing the representation of goods on store shelves.
Every manager who wants to develop their business must pay attention to the representation of goods at their outlets. With Scheduling WorldwideTM’s “Distribution Check” service, you can track products in the retail network and later analyze the results recorded. These results often provide extremely useful information.

How is the distribution check performed?

There are two ways in which the “Distribution Check” collects information about products on shelves:

Open distribution check – The auditor makes their presence known to employees and does not hide their actions when calculating the availability of goods on the shelves of the store. The store’s employees are also on hand to provide necessary assistance.

Closed distribution check – The auditor visits the store undercover and the employees do not realize they are there.

The closed distribution check also provides analysis of the representation of competitor’s products, while the open distribution check helps to research a store’s own goods.

What are the benefits of a distribution check?

Firstly, with the help of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s distribution check, companies are able to gain insight into how, and in what quantity, your brand’s products are being presented within the retail network. During the distribution check, the auditor will find out which items are missing and whether the standards for displaying your products have been implemented.
Companies will then be able to use all of the information collecting during the audit to ultimately increase sales. They can pinpoint exactly where their business situations need to be corrected or where they have been implemented successfully. This specific data also facilitates better working relationships with business partners, as it works towards mutual respect.
Scheduling WorldwideTM’s distribution check also helps to identify any shortcomings in the work of merchandisers and sales representatives by motivating them to perform their duties better. Stimulating trading partners to work on their business development will all participants of the sales chain.

The specialists of Scheduling WorldwideTM use the best global practices in the field of marketing and pass on 100% of the benefits gained from their research to their clients. Scheduling WorldwideTM undertakes the laborious jobs with the help of hundreds of trained specialists.

Scheduling WorldwideTM also has all the necessary resources – knowledge, technology, methods and professionally trained staff. We are also always ready to recruit, train and test new specialists. This is because professionals have a great eye for detail and notice all the shortcomings of a business. They also provide valuable information to the management team. It is for this reason that all of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s new clients become loyal customers.

Develop your retail sales with Scheduling WorldwideTM.

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