Motion graphics

Motion graphics

What is video marketing? Video marketing is primarily used to stimulate trade by using video footages.

What is the purpose of video marketing? Many changes take place every day in the field of online marketing. A concept, which seemed effective just a few months ago, may no longer work today. New services and new are constantly being developed to bring visitors to your website. This also causes existing or previous methods to become rapidly outdated.

For example, if you are familiar with SEO-promotion, you will know how difficult it is to appear at the top of the list of results generated by Google or Yandex and how much investment is needed to appear as the first result. However, it wasn’t very long ago that it was enough to undertake simple actions to maximize both internal and external optimisation and ensure that your site would appear on the first page of results.

Search engines are also continually updating their algorithms. Today your articles may appear at the top of search results, but by tomorrow, they might have disappeared from the page. This is especially true of grey and black methods of promotion. Google and Yandex’s intelligence robots ban these sites mercilessly, removing them from search results.

However, all this does not mean that you should not use SEO-promotion. There are methods that work. As with everything else in the world, the internet is constantly evolving. In the past, almost every Internet user read articles and letters on topics that matched their interest. However, today we are witnessing an acceleration of life and as well as an overload of information. It is for this reason that online businesses are gaining momentum. People use online searches in order to find resolutions to their problems quickly and efficiently. They want real information and a precise, step-by-step methodology. People do not have time to wade through pages of information and separate the wheat from the chaff.

How do you see the development of the internet?

That’s right – it is heading further and further in the direction of video marketing. The video concept is an extremely useful marketing tool as it can transmit both video and audio. It is much more comfortable and quicker for users to watch a video than to read an article of the same length.
Video marketing is becoming more popular. After all, a well-made video is just as useful as a professional seller who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. However, the video is an even better salesperson as it does not not need to be paid a wage or given holiday. It sells continuously, generating profit.

Which businesses can use video marketing?

Video marketing can be used by 99% of businesses.

1.If you have a clothing store or a beauty salon, you can use video marketing to show your models, services and interior to internet users. You can even record interviews with sellers and artisans and telling customers why you decided to open the business.

2. If you sell metal or build houses, you can use video marketing to visually show the underlying processes. In these cases, you could show your workshop, warehouse, cargo work or work at the facility. These visual exhibitions could show a potential client you run a serious business and encourage them to use your services.

3. If you sell services – use video marketing. Demonstrate to potential clients what they will receive if they enlist your services.

What edge do you have over your competitors? With the help of video marketing, Internet entrepreneurs can improve their online positioning and strengthen trust relationships with their customers.

5 Reasons for your business to use video marketing:

1. It provides an additional channel for you to attract potential customers and potentially generate more profit.
2. It allows you to a brand quickly and become popular among your target audience.
3. It is extremely cheap to promote your video on YouTube. However, for better results, it is recommended to enhance your video by using advertising methods, but if you are just starting out, then YouTube is a good place to begin.
4. It offers a very useful platform to communicate with your audience, allowing you to build trusting relations more quickly, providing, of course, you offer them useful content.
5. Video copywriting is also a handy sales tool. It is known as “the text that sells, in a video format”. Video advertising campaigns are often much better converted to sales than their print versions.
You can also use video marketing to tell your target audience about new trainings and record key points on a board or a flip chart, or make screen-castes (videos with slides and a voice-over).

In conclusion, it is fair to say that, the more transparent you are with your audience, the more your customers trust you. Today we live in a time where it is extremely important to maintain a good relationship with your customers and provide excellent customer service. Video marketing can help you build and maintain these relationships.
However, how can you make a video that transmits the maximum amount of useful information to customers in the allotted time? Our team offers you an easy solution to this issue. We will help you create a video that will become your useful communication tool for work with customers. The videos we create will help you to increase sales and attract both customers and investors.

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