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I would like to tell you about design trends 2019, which I singled out for myself and for our company.I believe that the most important trend every year is the relevance of trends in real projects. Not always design trends can be applied to different businesses and to businesses in general. As a graphic designer, I always want to implement all the trends in all areas of my business, but this is not always relevant, though I really want it

‘Less is more’ principle is very appropriate in this case. Now I will explain why.

From the experience of my work, first of all I want to highlight the functional design. There is too much information nowadays while we do not have so much time for its perception, and this should be taken into account. Time is money, especially now.

In order to let the user/reader/viewer to quickly, and most importantly, correctly perceive the information, you need to get rid of unnecessary details, decorations and everything that interferes with clear perception. This is especially applicable for presentations, because they should not contain information in such volume as an article or book. This is your crib sheet or an accompanying and supporting tool, not more. Therefore, when I am given a TO (Technical Order) and the content on the presentation, I always ask future speakers to reduce information, minimizing it. The reason for that is viewers want to listen to you as a speaker, and not read your folios from a slide. Nobody pays attention to long texts only if it is not an article or a book.

One can talk a lot about the trends going deep into the technique and performance but I would like to underline the digital products topic in this article.

Let’s go through the main trends.

If you want to be in trend, here is my first advice for you: stay ahead of the game, be there earlier than the others. This means rejection of stereotypes and work on non-trivial solutions. But it is important to be alert, since such ‘risk’ must be justified and appropriate. You need to understand the main objectives of your product and business as a whole, not being afraid to introduce new, unexplored ideas – maybe you will create a trend, maybe your client is looking for an exclusive and original solution, or maybe not. You need to try and not to be afraid of failures.

Leading experts believe that in the near future, a non-standard elaboration of navigation for applications and websites will be in trend. It could be a non-standard horizontal header or, for example, the integration of navigation into a background picture, which is more like a story than just a header or an interactive feature.

Your favorite tiles remain in trend, both in the application interface, and on the websites. We associate them with pages in a magazine or cards that can be turned over and selected.

Additionally, dividing layouts into several poles will be in trend, I mean the so-called split layouts. The main advantage is that this option allows us to convey double information.

Correctly selected fonts, in particular HUGE headings, will help to drive the nail to the head. Their main task is to build a clear hierarchy of text and highlight the most important message, the most significant thought.

And of course, bright colors will undoubtedly be in trend in 2019. All your favorite gradients and bright, contrasting combinations of colors remain. This is a universal move that can be widely used in design.

I really like when designers add a bit of texture to their ‘flat’ layouts. Let us say it is something similar to Google material-design. Each element should have such a texture as if you touch it through the screen being able to feel what material it is made of.

The space effect in the photos, that we apply in our identity, will still remain popular. What does it mean? Let us imagine that an object figure fits into a photo not just on top of all layers, but is harmoniously mounted into a photo as an object adding a sense of depth and materiality to this figure itself.

Well, in conclusion, I can say that a search for new solutions always remains a tendency.Train your imagination, become a trend, let the others look up to you!

Gleb Gulin, Graphic Designer

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