Presentation design

Presentation design PowerPoint/Keynote

PowerPoint presentation and PDF presentation are universal marketing instruments, which have the most extensive scope of application. They can be used during negotiations with partners and investors, during meetings with founders and owners, at exhibitions, public speeches, meetings. The PowerPoint presentation is the most visible way of presenting the company, its products, and services on the market. A slideshow can be used in advertising, in the mailing list, in social networks, as well as for demonstration on monitor screens in shopping malls and training staff. And this is hardly a complete list of examples where a presentation can be used.

1. Conference
2. Newsletter
3. Annual report
4. Demonstration of the product
5. For investors
6. Performance of the company

Types of presentations

Our company creates presentations in the two most common formats: Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) and Keynote. Each form has its peculiarities and application scopes. Our designers always help clients to choose the right size for achieving their goals and understand which presentation style is appropriate.

Our products

Our company creates high-quality presentations of various formats, design, and volume taking into account all the nuances and the client’s wish. It may be a small presentation with a few pages, or a much bigger display, consisting of 10 pages or more. The PowerPoint presentation may have a nice slide change, animation, and music. Our designers have a great experience in creating spectacular, creative presentations in PowerPoint and PDF formats, and it’s also possible for a client to make his amendments, if necessary.

Infographic design

Infographics. You probably have seen them in classrooms, offices and almost everywhere on the Internet.
Infographics provide you with a lot of information then appear in stylishly designed. Infographics have been proven to be incredibly successful forms of communication and brand promotion, so they have become essential for many digital marketers.

Why should you use Infographics?

There are a lot of reasons to use Infographics, but the main argument is that Infographics are visual elements and people are visually wired’ creatures. In fact, 90% of the information that gets in your brain is visible which is big a number.
Here are some more numbers of impressive statistics. People handle visual information 60,000 times faster than text. But again, it’s much quicker!
On average, today people read and discuss only 28% of the text on web pages because they focus mainly on visualized information.
So, how to make this information apprehensible to consumers? Using infographics, for sure.
Infographics take all textual information and turn it into an easy-to-read, visual fragment that people are much more inclined to read, understand and memorize.
Besides, they are available for everyday use so that they may help you not only quickly and easily disclose a lot of information but they can advertise your brand.
This is brilliant, but infographic seems to be quite laborious, and potentially expensive to create, right? Wrong! Although, of course, many people spend a lot of time and effort to create them, this does not mean that you will have the same situation.
Our experts will help you to develop a personalized infographic that will correctly get all the necessary information out to your potential customers.

Banners, social media design

The presence in social networks is essential in the modern world, and you can’t ignore its importance. In fact, social media has become a factor that affects the success or failure of the product.
Do you want people to see you as a trustworthy person in your industry? Do you want to raise the perception of people by other people? Do you want to attract more people to do business with you?
The best and the most exciting way to do this is to use design banners, which will make an unforgettable impression! Use this opportunity to capture a new audience, chat with your followers, share your story, and show what you are willing to offer. And remember that it takes only 7 seconds to make an initial impression, so you should act quickly and wisely use these first few seconds to convince customers that you are the best.
We will help you to succeed by creating the most attractive design banners for social networks.

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