Guest Track

Guest Track: evaluate the levels of customer loyalty

Today, the majority of companies are trying to gage the satisfaction levels of their customers with the products and services they offer. However, this process cannot be described as well thought out or well-established. Generally, companies receive hundreds of reviews and complaints via email, on social media and through other channels of communication. These are difficult to process and analyze and any patterns or trends available are often lost. Furthermore, without a fully developed analytics system, it is also difficult for companies to build a service strategy. As a result, companies run the risk of damaging their image and income and disregarding the dynamics of changing consumer attitudes towards their brand.
Measuring customer loyalty is essential for every commercial company. However, this research is often expensive and resource-intensive. Scheduling WorldwideTM is on hand to help with its new tool designed to conveniently and objectively measure customer loyalty – the online portal Guest Track.

How do the portal work?

Consumers often share their impressions on having visited the outlet. They can share their opinions about:

  • The quality of customer service received;
  • Any shortcomings;
  • Mistakes committed by staff.

It is useful for the heads of companies if they receive this information on time, but, often it is received in vain. Customers simply usually form an opinion about a company, based on the service they received, and pass this opinion on to the people around them. It is in this way that public opinion is gradually formed, and it often does not apply in any way to a company’s leadership.
Scheduling WorldwideTM offers companies a unique tool for them to remain informed about the customers which have interacted with their staff. This tool is called Guest Track and it offers several advantages:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Available 24 hours a day;
  • Available to all Scheduling WorldwideTM customers;
  • Possibility to receive online feedback from management.

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s tool removes the need for intermediaries or third parties in order for companies to get the most valuable information about the situation taking place across their outlets. It also enables companies to receive all the information they need to efficiently implement solutions to eliminate shortcomings.

What are the advantages of the Guest Track portal?

Learning the truth. Only customer feedback reveals the real levels of customer service offered by your employees.

Quick delivery of results. The portal displays the results received from the questionnaires. Companies can see a detailed breakdown of exactly how it works. This makes it easier to spot shortcomings and to rectify them.

Pay attention to customers. The ability of providing feedback in itself increases customer loyalty as they see that their opinions matter.

Developing a strategy. Companies are able to use the tool to implement solutions to make their businesses better.

Bypass competitors. With the Guest Track tool, you are constantly working to increase customer loyalty and leaving existing customers with no reason to go to competitors.

Solving problems. The online portal offers a number of convenient functions that allow you to set tasks with simple actions and to assign the tasks to the necessary members of staff for implementation. These tasks can then be monitored and their status of implementation tracked.

If customer loyalty is important to you, the Guest Track tool will be an excellent opportunity to get feedback from customers, establish a range of specific tasks and develop a long-term strategy based on the opinions of your customers.

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