How to Launch A Successful App in a New Market

To launch your application in a new market is always attractive to business. But new markets means new rules, different business climates, traditions, and most importantly, to development the correct strategy.

According to the research, 19% of applications don’t bring income and they are completely unprofitable, and most applications that were not intended to be profitable, don’t reach their goals, especially in user rates.

There are several reasons for this; often it’s the absence of a clear definition of product and its direction, and also poor marketing for attracting new users. But the main reason, is an incorrect strategy of releasing the application.

The development of a good strategy is the key to success, since it serves a key tool to identify what you want to reach and to determine steps towards your goal. Thanks to product release strategies, you can ensure a successful launch your application, and speed up this process.

If you decide to enter a new market with your digital product and you are sure it will be perfect and find its users, you need to act right now, and to identify and set your goals, as well as to research your competition.

In order to avoid mistakes that can lead to «fail start», we recommend you think and identify new questions:

  • determine your product;
  • determine its users;
  • conduct research of local market and to learn its features;
  • develop a business strategy and coordinate a type of product with your tasks and goals;
  • create quality and strong marketing and outline ways to attract users;
  • identify compliance of your product to new market

Product definition.

At first, spend time to determine your product in the market. With this, you can determine its effectiveness of presence there. This process should contain the answers the questions: What? Why? How? and When?

As a result, understanding the different questions and answers, you will get a clear picture that show different interrelated areas of your focus.

Determine your goals.

In this issue it’s extremely important to set up your goals with lots of detail. Determine what you want to achieve and what profit do you want to get as a result. It helps to make your strategy more specific and you will find if your goals match with your opportunities and products, you have real chances in new market.

Make a research of new market

Familiarise yourself with the new market and its rules using every possible source. For this, you can use both a visit to the new country, online research, and learn who your potential users are and the competition within the market.

Also, a good option, is to visit different exhibitions and business events.

It’s important to learn different aspects of life of country. Political, social and cultural climates in part have an impact on business since when entering a new market with other cultural and linguistic norms, it’s necessary to understand how you will develop there.

Competition analysis.

To study the issues of competition is one the most important part of building strategy, since such researches help to identify who are your competitors, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what your application can offer apart from what already are in the market, and also what you need to change in your product to fit it in new market.

Conducting a quality analysis of competition will help you in timely decision-making.

Creating marketing to attract users.

The aspects of creating the marketing greatly depend on specifics of your application and new market.

The benefits of using a powerful marketing campaign give you a chance to increase your brand recognition, to enter new profitable markets and to identify competitors.

Content marketing is one of the most effective and reliable tools to increase brand recognition and usage among users.

Content marketing generates much more potential clients and it costs much less. And the number of users who use ad blocks is growing every year. That’s why the choice of content marketing is clear. It’s more effective strategy for mobile apps.

There are several tools of content marketing for applications:

Content of app in AppStore or Google play:

  • Description of app.
  • Image.
  • Video.

Using a full and quality content in application store increases your chances that user will choose your application.

Make sure that you provide enough quality information about your app in AppStore or google play that can lead to a large number of installs.


Did you know that just 40% of mobile application users search for them in app stores? It means that most of them use other search tools.

Effective content attracts much more users so use these components of your content strategy:

  • Landing page.
  • Content teaser.
  • Articles and video content.
  • Press releases.
  • Emailing for timely notification of users.

Content in your app:

As well as an external content, pay attention on filling content in your application.

This can include user assistance, push notifications, messaging, etc, would engage your user and learn quickly how your application works, how to increase its effectiveness and thereby to make life easier for the user. Satisfied customers become promoters and advocates of your app. They recommend it to all their friends and acquaintances, discuss it in social networks and leave feedback in application stores.

Content in social networks:

Such content strengthens application authority by publishing posts in social networks, blogs, guest posts etc. it increases users trust and build relationships with clients.

About 80% of users trust new application more if they read about it in articles, social networks and in the posts on blogs.

It creates a positive atmosphere around brand, and makes it unique among others.

Type of content and the platforms for publishing depend on application theme and its target audience.

Create document of your strategy.

After processing all details strategy and issues, you can start to create strategic document that will serve as your development plan in new market with detailed description of your goals and steps, budgets, deadlines, key contacts, as well as the details of observations and the results of variety of researches.

Testing your application in new market.

This is a critical step of launching your digital product in the market, since it’s extremely important to test it in order to identify all glitches, errors and bugs before the official full-scale launch.

Scheduling Worldwide provides a full range of services for mass testing applications. We have experience with different cases of testing a variety of digital products.

Recently we’ve conducted a mass testing of one of the leading worldwide payment systems in Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.

The specialists of scheduling have conducted a mass testing of a project on pre-release stage in order to confirm that the product is ready to meet the desired standards, as well as continued monitoring by modifying the program after release to improve program work.

Our task was to test a payment system in specific stores. Our mystery shoppers have visited stores of specific brands. For example, the mystery shopper was assigned 5 locations to visit. The imperative was linking a banking card to this payment system. The main mystery shopper task was to buy something in store and to pay via phone using the payment system.

In case the mystery shopper had the difficulties at payment, the mystery shopper described the details of the problem in the report.

Also, we’ve conducted a testing of payments without leaving home. Mystery shoppers have ordered something online and paid via payment system.

As a result, we have provided our client with a detailed report about all problems and glitches to eliminate before launch of a product in the market.

Scheduling Worldwide have extensive experience with different projects, the opportunity to provide a large database at the testing stage, and also our specialists have rapid response experience and constant monitoring of situations.

Within our resources there is a wide variety of gadgets to conduct mass testing with maximum efficiency.

Also, we have a large base of mystery shoppers around the world which is an important feature to conduct high effective and productive testing to identify all bugs and errors before the launch of your product, in order to minimize difficulties and expenses.

The specialists of Scheduling Worldwide constantly improve the mystery shopper questionnaire to ensure it is highly effective and indicative. We conduct its analysis and regular make adjustments to provide quality and accurate data.

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