Market research

Market research: how to identify the actual problems of your business

It is not necessary to give a lengthy explanation about the benefits of market research. All business owners know the necessity of analyzing the market, their competitors and the activities of their company. However, only a few of them actually regularly conduct such research. Why? This is due to a variety of reasons, namely the lack of specially trained staff as well as the lack of methods to gather information and the knowledge of how to analyze the data collected. However, the team at Scheduling WorldwideTM will help you gather all the necessary information quickly and accurately.

How is market research conducted?

Market research can be carried out using various different methods. One of them is a telephone survey that often gives lots of interesting information and is undertaken using questionnaires.

What would you like to establish during the market research?

This can be: 

  • the level of loyalty among your customers;
  • the level of customer satisfaction;
  • brand recognition;
  • customer reasoning on how and why they make their choice;
  • the quality of customer service in the outlet.

The telephone survey, conducted by Scheduling WorldwideTM’s specialists, offers a number of advantages in comparison with personal communication. These include:

  • the ability to contact a large number of customers across a number of countries;
  • lower costs – it is not necessary to send your own employees on business trips to extract this information;
  • instant access to data collected and its processing;
  • full control over the staff who conduct the survey.

Why is Scheduling WorldwideTM’s market research so effective?

Scheduling WorldwideTM has been a specialist of market research for many years. It has vast experience in helping clients identify their strengths and weaknesses and has also created a “live call center” in which only specially trained staff work.
The data collected during telephone survey is immediately sent to our website where it becomes available for analysis. Customers will also receive the information allowing them to make swift decisions and correct any shortcomings.

Scheduling WorldwideTM also uses the software Shopmetrics for the efficient processing of the questionnaires. The software allows enables questionnaires to be efficiently filtered by the age, sex and place of residence of respondents.

The marketing analysis service provided by Scheduling WorldwideTM is an effective tool which helps companies grow and develop by uncovering the real situations in their outlets. All questionnaires have been created in line with client specification and no template questionnaires are used. This enables clients to receive objective and accurate information in relation to their business situations. Scheduling WorldwideTM also has all necessary technology and resources at their disposal, so no project is too large or too complicated.

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