Mass testing Android app & IOS

Mass testing Android app & IOS

Technologies that allow customers to pay for purchases via smartphone or tablet are increasing in popularity. This is not surprising given the fact that the use of such technologies does not require much effort: customers can pay for their purchases with a simple push of a button, without needing to enter any bank details or get out their plastic bank card. Such payments are called “contactless” and, according to forecasts by many experts, they will completely replace plastic cards over time.

How does it work? A special mobile application allows you to create a bank card directly on your phone or tablet. It only takes a few minutes and users do not need to make a visit to their local bank branch to create one.

When paying in store, customers must simply open the application, select their desired payment card and put the phone to the terminal at the checkout. You can also use this technology when using public transport: simply place the device to on the travel card validator and the cost of the trip will be deducted from your bank balance.

Apple Pay and Google Pay provide safe and easy ways to make payments in stores, on websites or in applications. With the help of Face ID, Touch ID or Apple Wallet on iPhone, users can provide their payment details, shipping information and contact information.

To pay through Google Pay, users must simply place their Android device onto the payment terminal instead of their bank card.

Paying for online purchases on websites and applications with Google Pay is just as easy – click on the special button with the Google Pay logo follow the on-screen instructions.
“Scheduling Worldwide” provides effective solutions for conducting the Mass testing of Apple Pay and Google Pay, in order to identify any errors or difficulties encountered by customers when making transactions.

Our mystery shoppers will conduct a detailed test of these technologies to see where errors and/or bugs. Customers will then have a more complete overview of the purchasing apps available and the advantages they bring.

Mystery shopping is one of the most unique and best tools for conducting such mass testing, since our mystery shoppers have all the necessary devices needed to carry out this type of testing. Given that they are located in different areas across different countries, they can also cover a wider geographical range. This is in contrast to IT-companies, for example, which do not have such an extensive geographical scope, despite having all the necessary devices at their disposal.

Moreover, mystery shoppers also have bank accounts with different banks, which allows us to conduct all possible combinations of “device-bank” tests.

With the help of our mystery shoppers, we are able to conduct a full-scale testing of services in order to identify various errors and bugs. They also help us to develop special questionnaires containing a number of questions regarding all the details of transaction.

While undertaking this particular mystery shop, the mystery shopper makes purchases in various establishments and pay for them using Apple Pay or Google Pay. They then fill out a specially-designed questionnaire that captures their experience and the details of the payment.

By contacting Scheduling Worldwide, you can be sure of our high quality services and the success in the end result provided by our highly professional employees.

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