Monitoring of reviews

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s monitoring service: how to control your online reputation

People share the most diverse information on the Internet every second and discussing every situation such as their most recent visits to various cafes, shops and offices. It is for someone to describe the detail of their interaction with a particular company on social networking sites for this review to receive hundreds of comments. These reviews and comments also help to form companies’ reputations.

Why do you need to track online reviews?

When customers make decisions relating to purchases, they take into account not only the characteristics and prices of goods but also the feedback left by previous customers. This ritual is already firmly in place and it is easy to find reviews about any products or services during research.

Many people trust the reviews left by strangers, especially the reviews left on social networking sites. If the product or service has negative reviews, we can confidently assume that a customer will refuse to purchase it. Therefore, even if you are confident in the quality of your products and the reputation of your company is good, one negative review can impact your customer base.

Reviews on the Internet have a strong influence on the formation of public opinion about a company, store or product. Furthermore, removing negative reviews or ignoring them will only make the situation worse. Instead, companies should study and verify the information given in the reviews and take the right measures to protect their reputation and mitigate the consequences. A tool for online reputation management can help with this.

How can Scheduling WorldwideTM’s monitoring service help?

With Scheduling WorldwideTM’s monitoring service, companies can react to negative feedback in their own time and take the situation into their own hands with the monitoring of reviews. Scheduling WorldwideTM’s specialists can make you aware of the following aspects of customer feedback:

  • Are you being praised or criticized, and for what?
  • How this happens?
  • The goods or services which receive the most feedback
  • The impression given by your company make and why
  • The treatment of customers towards your competitors

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s monitoring services allows companies to control their online reputation. This provides companies with invaluable assistance, which is why 100% of our customers repeatedly purchase this service.

What are the benefits of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s monitoring service?

Many companies offer services designed to manage business reputation but are they all equally effective? It is necessary to be able to distinguish between good and bad quality monitoring. Scheduling WorldwideTM offers unique research tools which are based on three main elements:

  • A “live” dictionary. This electronic directory stores thousands of words and phrases that have been identified in the course of many years of work. It is constantly being updated and, most importantly, helps to find the right reviews for any product on the Internet;
  • Automatic analysis. The use of specialist software segments review threads. The use of a computer ensures that no errors are made;
  • Manual analysis of big data enables us to correctly identify the emotional nuances of reviews.

Every business owner should ensure that they take responsibility of the reviews left by their customers. With the help of Scheduling WorldwideTM, every response left by your customers on the Internet will not be left unread. This service gives companies the opportunity to create an impeccable reputation on the market. Do not delay in making this important decision – make sure you change any negative information left about your company on the Internet.

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