How to improve service quality: the best and most cost-effective tool to measure customer experience

If you are an owner of medium-sized or large business consisting of several locations, you probably know that it is sometimes very difficult to maintain the same high quality of service in all locations, monitor the work of staff and correct the deficiencies in time.

High level of service is one of the main indicators of competitiveness.

A high-quality product and service are the main components of the successful business and they are worth investing your efforts and money.

According to the Gartner experts’ forecast, companies will compete based on customer experience exclusively in the nearest future.

Some companies have already paid a great attention to and focused on impeccable customer service which led them to the victory. A small Netflix company has focused on impeccable customer service becoming a giant in the global video rental market.

One of the main questions asked by all the companies, without exception, is “How to retain existing customers and attract new ones?”.

Drive staff performance and motivation.

Evaluation of service quality is the most important factor that contributes to the improvement of work quality, preserves and increases staff motivation, inspiring to achieve the best results.
In this case, it is extremely important to analyze the efficiency of staff work in a digitized form but not in the form of abstract data.

If you do not possess visual data on each employee’s performance, you cannot accurately understand who works and puts more effort than others, and also you cannot be able to clearly understand your work processes and weaknesses.

Each team has strong and weak players. Someone tries harder than the others.
If you always analyze the work of your employees like ‘It seems to me that Jack has been working more and better than John this month,’ then there is a huge chance this is doing huge damage to your effectiveness since this data is abstract and it often differs from reality.

It is very important to give a powerful motivation to the employees, inspire them for successful work, and show them the advantages of hard work in the form of bonuses for the best performing employees.
When you have a tool that measures the service quality and gives you information in the form of real visible indicators, you are able to see your business at all stages – starting from the exterior of the building to the staff work quality.

Mystery shopping service is one of the main and most effective methods of assessing your business. This is a unique tool aimed at providing you with a powerful insight of your customer experience.

With the help of Shopmetrics mystery shopping software, we collect, process and analyze data regarding your business, received in process of the mystery shopper program.
Having this data you will be able to have a clear understanding of which locations work better upon various criteria for the service, as well as identify the best and worst employees.

Mystery shopping service identifies even hidden problems.

Many companies face the inability to see their business from the outside, through their client’s eyes because of the lack of a systematized and properly developed analytical system.
One of our customers came to us once to understand why a promotion action they launched at their store had bad results. At a first sight, it seemed that everything was done perfectly: good products with great prices. But this advertising campaign did not bring the desired effect and expected profit. When our specialists conducted a research thought a Mystery audit, it revealed the reason for the poor sales. The problem happened to be quite funny but a very important detail: customers simply could not find the advertised products in the store, since the way products were displayed did not meet the standards.

This problem was identified and immediately fixed as a result of the Mystery audit.

Such cases are not rare. You may not even suspect the reason for the decline in sales and decrease in loyalty since at a first glance everything is done perfectly.

But many stores lose customers only because the search for the required brand takes more than 3 minutes.

Get quality feedback.

Evaluation of your service quality is not only an effective method to understand a staff performance but also a great tool for getting feedback on your business, determine what processes need improvement, which employees do their best to achieve goals as well as to get recommendations on how to improve interaction with them.

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