Full-time mystery shopping

How to become a full-time Mystery Shopper?

become a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a form of market research used to assess the quality of company service.Mystery shopping is a form of market research used to assess the quality of company service.

Mystery shopping sphere opens a super opportunity for those who want to work and not to actually work at the same time.
If you have the desire and ambition to make mystery shopping your main job providing you with a regular income, then a full-time job as a mystery shopper is for you!
With minimal experience and skills, you can plan your daily secret checks for the week.
Of course, mystery shopping for full-time requires a high level of responsibility, commitment and ability to work.

At the same time you will not be overloaded, because, in fact, you will not work since mystery shopper job is about visiting various establishments such as cafes, restaurants, pharmacies and supermarkets in order to check the quality of provided services. You make an order in a cafe or purchase something in a supermarket, carefully observing the work of the staff, cleanliness of the rooms or the correct placing of goods in supermarket, and then fill out a special questionnaire describing your experience.

There are some useful tips on how to develop your schedule as a full-time mystery shopper taking full advantage of your potential:

  • After a few mystery checks, you will find that you have gained enough experience and agility to conduct tasks. You can cooperate with different mystery shopping providers, take different assignments, but it is important to adhere to different schedule of checks.
    If you have several tasks per day, you should take precautions and protect yourself from cancelling tasks.
  • Before you start to research mystery shopping and become a mystery shopper, it is important to find a company with a good reputation. It would be great to have an idea about the company you would like to cooperate with in future as well as its activity. Especially, if it is a mystery shopping for a full-time, which will be your main job and source of income.
  • To find a job as a secret shopper use various mystery shopping forums, websites, and social networks. On those platforms people share their experiences, opinions and could give a piece of advice on good and bad mystery shopping providers.
  • Mystery shopping schedule is probably the most difficult aspect of this job. Typically, companies follow two methods for planning the tasks: allow mystery shoppers to choose available tasks, or assign a date and time notifying a mystery shopper about it. The second method is quite stressful, especially if you already have a tight schedule.
  • Having flexible time is important to keep track of a dynamically changing schedule of mystery tasks.


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