How to achieve maximum efficiency with Mystery Shopping?

Shopmetrics is a unique platform that helps to achieve the ultimate efficiency and productivity for your business. 

Using Scheduling AI you are able to automate your mystery shopping operations and to spend less time managing your company and more time growing it.

Mystery Shopper Profiling

With “Shopmetrics”, you are able to find the best mystery shoppers, who meet a variety of complex requirements and fit your project perfectly. The innovative “Shopmetrics” mystery shopper profiling tools will help you to find a group of shoppers who fully meet any criteria, including various combinations: demography, performance rotation, training and certification, advanced features and many other functions. It is also possible to search for and identify spot trends in the mystery shoppers database.

Additionally, using the mystery shopping software “Shopmetrics”, you are able to go to the list of customers and run a performance report, as well as other reports.

Mystery Shopper coverage analysis

In “Shopmetrics”, there is the possibility to search for shoppers for the client in different locations.

Thanks to coverage analysis, you can quickly find low coverage areas and focus on them for your mystery shopping campaign.

With our shopper profiling tools and coverage analysis, you have the most advanced shopper allocation capabilities available today.

You also have the possibility to analyze coverage for a predefined profile of a mystery shopper or for a profile that you create on the go, as well as various drill-down capabilities.

Zoom, pan, move or tile the map, and drill down into a list of shoppers and identify problem geographic areas.

With automatic configuration of color-coded maps, prompts that show the number of buyers, the location, and details of the project, you can better visualize alternative placements of mystery shoppers.

Mystery Shopper Training and Certification

In the field of mystery shopping, it is very important to increase the productivity of mystery shoppers in order to achieve high quality evaluation results.

It often happens that the requirements for the project change and it’s very difficult to continually re-educate mystery shoppers.

Mystery shopping software is able to guarantee our customers that our mystery shoppers are specially-trained and certified for projects.

Thanks to the “Shopmetrics” multidisciplinary certification system, it is possible not only to certify mystery shoppers during the process of a specific project, but also to maintain fresh skills for all aspects of mystery shopping. This allows us to better use our base of mystery shoppers whilst at the same time training the best of them..

“Shopmetrics” mystery shopper training and certification allows the provision of essential training materials to shoppers;

the testing and certification of shoppers for special projects; and the use of learning results to automate the auto-assignment process; all of which significantly improve the quality of reports without any additional effort;

All of these features are incorporated in the Shopmetrics system.

Shopmetrics Training Center

The comprehensive training center provides all the tools which are needed to train and increase staff productivity for the successful launch of projects on the Shopmetrics platform. This is an accessible educational portal which serves to ensure the efficiency and cost-effective of projects.

The portal contains many video materials and documents, as well as broad search capabilities.

Client Dashboard

Customers have access to all information with minimal effort.

Two years ago we presented two of the most powerful visual presentation tools of multiple performance indicators at a glance – Client Dashboard and Geospatial Analysis Portal.

Now we have improved these tools, adding capabilities which are in many ways superior to the dimple drill-down.

New drill-through capabilities make it possible not only to move to the next level of data, but to put all standard and custom reports with a simple mouse click over a region or data point.

«World Ready” platform

“Shopmetrics” offers a wide range of globalization and internationalization options, which make our product perfect for multinational operations.

System highlights include: multilingual support for any language in the system, support centers in the US and Europe which ensure round-the-clock coverage for your operations, utilized by mystery shopping providers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia for over 9 years.

Shopper Grading Portal

This allows mystery shoppers to see a detailed breakdown of their ratings online at any time.

Client Login and Security Import

“Shopmetrics” allows you to fully control the security in your database, as well as to import the entire customer security structure in a couple of minutes.

Visibility of Reports

“Shopmetrics” provides customizable email features to notify mystery shoppers of available visits, as well as of those visits that have been assigned to them.

Executive Dashboard

This operations management tool is intended for use by system administrators and project managers.

The panel allows the tracking of life-cycle customer surveys using simple interactive graphs.

Extended Mystery Shopper profile.

This provides unlimited options for Registration Settings and Mystery Shopping Profile.

Searchable Mystery Shopper database.

The powerful and easy-to-use mystery shopper search interface allows you to browse a mystery shopper database by means of virtually endless combinations of over one hundred search fields.

Mystery Shopper Testing and Certification

The “Shopmetrics” platform includes a feature for customizing customer satisfaction tests for mystery shoppers.

Using certificates for mystery shoppers pre-qualified for specific mystery shopping opportunities you are able to assign mystery shopping tasks to only the best and most qualified mystery shoppers.

Automatic emailing of completed surveys

This feature for the creation and management of export definitions allows the automatic delivery of completed surveys.

Each client can have his own export definition, which will help him to set up email content and delivery times. This allows us to satisfy the individual needs of each of our clients.

Flexible Survey Scoring.

Thanks to the “Shopmetrics” question editor, the user can create a huge number of groups of answers and answer point values ​​for created surveys.

Multiple-select and bonus/ penalty questions are also available.

Media explorer

For ease of use, “Shopmetrics” provides an interface to search and view all file attachments without having to open separate surveys.

Location-Specific Instructions

In addition to the fact that “Shopmetrics” has the ability to provide summary information for a mystery shopper regarding mystery shopping which was assigned to him, it is also possible to add summary information about the location which relates to the specific mystery shopper task.

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