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Mystery Shopping: mystery shoppers evaluate the quality of service

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The majority of companies have long understood that the quality of customer service depends greatly on the image of a company, levels of customer loyalty and, of course, profit levels. For example, given the choice of two stores which offer products of roughly the same quality and for approximately the same price, the customer will most likely choose to buy the product/service offered by the store which has the best customer service. But how can customer service levels be monitored to ensure that they meet customer expectations? By using Scheduling WorldwideTM’s Mystery Shopper services.

Mystery shopping is a relatively recent concept in comparison to other, more traditional, marketing tools. However, our long-term presence in the industry has shown it to be one of the most effective ways to assess the quality of customer service and to determine the areas in which companies need to improve to get the best results.

Why Scheduling WorldwideTM?

Their extensive experience. Scheduling WorldwideTM grew from a company which implemented the “Mystery Shopper” service on the Eastern European market some 15 years ago. During these 15 years, Scheduling WorldwideTM’s specialists have undertaken more than 1 million visits to various points of sale.

Scheduling WorldwideTM also has a large base of specialists and is therefore extremely prepared to take on even the largest tasks. Our “Mystery Shopper” division works with tens of thousands of certified Mystery Shopping agents located in different countries. Prior to becoming a mystery shopper, each agent undertakes a three-level training course. Agents who provide over- or underestimated evaluations are then excluded from the selection.

Efficient results processing. All reports compiled by the mystery shopping agents report are sent for processing using advanced analytical tools.

Immediate implementation. The Mystery Shopping program gives concrete, practical and effective results. Scheduling WorldwideTM explains and demonstrates how best to use the results of the research to improve the quality of the customer service offered by your employees.

Versatility. Our research tools are widely used in a variety business sectors which deal with customers face to face, for example retail, banking, financial institutions, gas stations, restaurants and catering networks.

What is this service and how does the Mystery Shopping research work?

The Mystery Shopper service is essentially a research program in which specially trained agents visit retail outlets, establishments or the offices of the company masquerading as ordinary customers. They have clear criteria for assessing the levels of customer service offered at the outlets and evaluate them accordingly. The criteria includes the presence (or absence) of service components, whether it is politeness, cleanliness or a focus on sales. The mystery shoppers then use the data collected to compile a special report.

Customer experience is the key concept of the Mystery Shopping program and the building of a quality service. Customer experience can be defined by the impression left on the customer after visiting an establishment. Either customers will be disappointed with the service they received and not return to your establishment, or they will be pleased with the service and become loyal customers and recommend your company to their friends.

During the development of the “Mystery shopper” service, we started by putting together system of criteria which would allow us to evaluate the basic components of customer service and identify the components needed to give customers the “wow factor”. This system can be optimized for various tasks at the request of the client. This is not something every mystery shopping service provider can offer.


How do mystery shoppers help?

  • They facilitate the organization of latent control and ensure consistency among staff members;
  • They study the strengths and the weaknesses of competitors;
  • They identifying any weaknesses in the customer service chain and facilitate their elimination;
  • They stimulate the actions of employees in order to provide hands-on practice for the client and improve financial performance;
  • The determine best practices and encourage the best employees

Mystery shopping within the retail and other sectors helps businesses build a development strategy and determine areas of investment. It also takes into account the needs of regular customers and their sometimes unpredictable requests by monitoring monitor the service-climate of the company and identifying areas for improvement for increased customer loyalty.

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