NPS management

NPS management: how to evaluate customer loyalty and why you need to do it?

The level of customer loyalty shown to a company has a direct link to the company’s income. As a result, business owners aim to ensure customer satisfaction. To avoid any direct criticism from customers is quite difficult, but it is more detrimental to company’s if the criticism of its activities or service is passed on to a large number of people. As a result, it is important to eliminate any defects in a timely manner.
A tool such as the NPS (Net Promoter Score) allows companies to determine the number of consumers dissatisfied with its customer service and identify the reasons behind their dissatisfaction and correct any mistakes.

What is the NPS index?

An NPS loyalty index is used to assess the loyalty levels among customers. This collates the results of customer surveys and requests customers to assess their willingness to recommend the brand to their acquaintances on a 10-point scale. The answers are then analyzed and divided into three categories:

  • Promoters – 9-10 points;
  • Neutral – 7-8 points;
  • Critics – from 1 to 6 points

If the number of critical consumers is greater than the number of promoters, we can confidently deduce that there are some problems with the customer service or products offered by an entity.

From a critic to a promoter

The NPS is a concrete guide for action. The score makes companies aware of a problem and they can then conduct further analysis to learn how to rectify the issue. The next steps::

  • Find out the geographical location of the unhappy customer;
  • Analyze the services or products purchased by the customer;
  • Determine the cause of dissatisfaction.

Your task is to correct the shortcomings of the service or products of your company. By understanding what NPS management is, you will be better equipped to respond to criticism and become better.

Why choose NPS management from Scheduling WorldwideTM?

In order to conducting this market research, a large number of staff are necessary as hundreds of consumers must be interviewed. The information necessary to ascertain NPS score is collected by Scheduling WorldwideTM employees working in our call center. Instead of questionnaires, our staff use real communication methods during the survey: they ask the right questions and in a polite manner to figure out the cause of dissatisfaction and determine the roots of the problem.
Scheduling WorldwideTM also knows how to categorize any flaws seen in customer service. These categories include a lack of manners shown by staff, the price or quality of the product/service and the cleanliness and organization of the establishment. The efficient classification of issues enables our customers to find and eliminate any shortcomings as quickly as possible.
However, Scheduling WorldwideTM’s research will not only show you any weak spots of your business – you will also receive a detailed advice plan aimed to reduce customer dissatisfaction. This plan will be drawn up immediately after the NPS poll has ended. This overall strategy will have been refined to fit customer specification and uses US developed software accessible on mobile devices.

What tasks help solve the NPS management?

It is widely recognized that NPS is an important evaluation of business performance, particularly in the long term. Not only is it important to evaluate shortcomings of a company but it is also necessary to answer the following questions:

  • How do you motivate the client to buy?
  • How do you increase the average purchase amount at an outlet?
  • How do you convince customers to return?
  • How do you convince customers to recommend the brand to their friends?

You can increase the loyalty of your customers with the help of Scheduling WorldwideTM. We pay attention to every detail which can influence the impression of buyers based on their interaction with a company. We will also help develop a stable system that can benefit your company and provide you with a working tool and teach how to use it. You will see that the result of the application will surpass all expectations. Call Scheduling WorldwideTM if you want to improve the quality of your service! We know exactly how to do it.

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