Partnership with Scheduling Worldwide

Partnership with Scheduling Worldwide

Business partnership, as well as romantic relationships, can be thorny and difficult. But still a successful partnership will help you to achieve results easier and faster than you could do it alone. Therefore, it is necessary to take the issue of choosing a partner as seriously as when choosing a spouse.
The choice of a business partner is a big decision. A number of factors need to be considered. If your business partner is not very interested in achieving the overall success, he is reluctant to work or unable to take into account your point of view and initiatives, it will be more difficult for you to succeed.
Scheduling is an impeccable global cost effective partner to achieve success.
We take into account all the comments so that our customers will always be satisfied. We listen to their wishes and recommendations, and take into account their initiatives throughout the period of cooperation.

Some facts about us:

  • We grow 100 times during last 10 years and the process of our development and perfection is continuous.
  • We have more than 450 projects running all other the world.
  • Across the world there are more than 1000 our employees work on different projects.
  • Our global projects are conducted in 35+ countries.
  • Scheduling makes more than 500,000 service evaluations per year.
  • Every minute our mystery shopper makes service evaluation.

We are Ukrainian!


As we were born in Ukraine, our huge advantage is our ethnicity. In Ukraine live very courageous and hard-working people with a rich history and culture.
We have an unbelievably large number of advantages. Ukrainians have always been distinguished for their diligence, intelligence, assertiveness and high abilities. Our mentality gives us the opportunity to bring high results of the set goals.
We are inherent in efficiency, accuracy, interest in the work, as well as in the conscientiousness of carrying out their duties.

  • Long-term experience and global coverage give us the opportunity to continuously improve our existing developments and to offer fundamentally new effective solutions. We have 450+ complicated projects during 16 years.
  • Our mentality gave us diligence, industrious and constant focus on achieving a success. We are workaholics and can deliver high results in tight timeframes, so it’s our power and big advantages.
  • Cooperation with us means a cost reducing for your business.
  • We have unique model, high profitable solutions and the most cost-effective fieldwork company in the World. Our resources may allow you to save up to 75% depending on the project scale.
  • Our quality and flexibility operational process gives us the opportunity to deal with complicated projects: mystery shopping, testing new products in IT, massive customer experience research and more others.
  • Today, we are among the best companies providing mystery shopping services, and we are proud to be a honorary member of MSPA, which is a significant advantage and an important difference.
  • We cooperate with more than 300 famous brands around the world. Many of our clients cooperate with us for a long time. They trust us for many years, and we in turn continuously grow and develop.

The main qualities of our employees is a high level of qualification, professionalism, a deep understanding of the market, as well as a goodwill and responsiveness.

Are you Interested in good level of service in your company?
You can get 10 mystery shoppers and an analytic report for your business in any country from us for free!

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