POS audit: a professional inspection of outlets

Each sales outlet or sales office represents the company as a whole and so everything in it should corresponded to the image of the company and its development strategy. These include the appearance of employees, the cleanliness of the premises, the implementation of merchandising standards, the politeness of the staff and the quality of customer service. Moreover, the customer’s attitude towards the company depends on all of these components.

What will give you the POS-audit from Scheduling WorldwideTM?

The task of inspecting the outlets, especially if one company has a large number of them, is very labor and resource-intensive. It can also be ineffective if the staff carrying out the inspections are not correctly trained for the task. Not all companies can send dozens of their employees on business trips. Retail audit companies can solve this problem faster and better. Entrust the inspection of your outlets to Scheduling WorldwideTM specialists – we will do this work for you in a small amount of time and give you a full and accurate report on the work.
We have carefully created a detailed method for POS-audit, which has been put into practice on several occasions and proven to be effective. Our retail audit process includes these stages:

  • Online training of staff on a special program with mandatory tests and practice questions;
  • Obtaining written permission from the client to conducting the inspection;
  • Analyzing standards of work within the company and examining the recommendations of specialists

Why should the POS audit be entrusted to Scheduling WorldwideTM?

Even if the company has several highly qualified specialists, their combined forces will not be enough to attend to hundreds of outlets and offices. This work is intended for an extremely large team. Scheduling WorldwideTM has – hundreds of thousands of mystery shoppers who are ready to perform the tasks assigned. Our agents have received special training and live in a range of European countries.
Our company is focused on achieving effective results. It is with these results that customer service can be improved and levels of customer loyalty can increase. All of this is achieved by the values we follow when undertaking our work:

  • Conduct research which is useful for the customer;
  • Always be honest with business partners;
  • Be passionate about the work – that is one of the reasons why our clients enjoy working with us;
  • Pass our successes onto our clients;
  • Do not fear complex tasks and be ready to offer a non-standard solution

Organizing a retail audit across 1,000 points of sale is possible with the help of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s mystery shoppers. They work quickly and professionally and provide you with the most important information and information which is necessary to achieve the success. If you want to know what is really happening across your retail outlets, contact us now!

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