Price monitoring and POSM-audit

Price monitoring and POSM audit from Scheduling WorldwideTM – best practices for the best brands

To survive in a world where the competitors are constantly getting bigger, each manufacturer has to work hard and find new solutions to develop their business. It is no longer enough to simply develop new products and promote them, but the development of market research can also help manufacturers. A helpful tool is price monitoring and POSM audit. These technologies allow you to obtain very important information directly from outlets. Scheduling WorldwideTM’s specialists are on hand to do the laborious work and provide you with only the most important information and reliable data collected from points of sale.

Advantages of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s monitoring and auditing services

It is extremely important for any manufacturer to analyze the price of products and services offered by its competitors as this helps them form their own pricing policy. However, in order to carry out such a research, a large team of specialists is required.

Studying the prices of competitors requires special knowledge and a certain methodology that non-specialists do not possess. Therefore, if conducted by non-specialists, the effectiveness of such an audit will be extremely low and if conducted by in-house members of staff, can result in a large increase in expenditure on wages and taxes for the company and a decrease in productivity. It is for these reasons, that it is better to sit back and let Scheduling WorldwideTM do the work.

Our company offers the complete monitoring of prices and has received repeat orders from all our customers for this service because we are convenient, price efficient and provide seamless cooperation.

What is a POSM audit?

A POSM-audit is needed for manufacturers who wish to use advanced technologies to develop their business. The essence of this research is to analyze the availability and quality of special trade equipment – showcases, refrigerators, shelves, umbrellas, furniture etc.
The auditor assesses the availability of such equipment as well as its appearance and efficiency. Objective and subjective assessment are given.

The specialists at Scheduling WorldwideTM have a vast experience in a wide variety of market research, including price auditing and POSM monitoring. We work professionally, gathering important information to help our clients develop their business, bypass their competitors and reach new goals. We are ready to provide useful and truthful data and are open to cooperation with manufacturers of any goods.

Do you want to know the real prices of your competitors’ products or to check how the equipment works in retail outlets? All this is easy to implement with the help of Scheduling WorldwideTM!

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