Promo-actions of Scheduling WorldwideTM: how to best present your products to buyers

The addition of new products in the manufacturer’s portfolio or a decrease in interest in existing products give companies the opportunity to reflect on their advertising campaign and the way they present products to the consumer. BTL-advertising, or promo-actions, are an effective tool for this. They are specialized marketing tools that draw customers’ attention to products and inform them about the advantages of the product in an interesting and colorful way.

Promo-actions (field marketing) have one primary goal – to motivate the consumer to buy after they have found the product. Therefore, promo-actions simultaneously perform several tasks. They:

  • inform the consumer about the product, communicating its features and benefits;
  • increase the demand for goods;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • create a positive image of the brand and its products.

The special feature of promo actions is that they are able to provide rapid advantages that will be visible at the time of the promotion and shortly afterwards. Promo actions (field marketing) in Britain and in other countries are most effective during the promotion of food, beverages and cosmetic products across stores and supermarkets.

Organization of promo-actions by Scheduling WorldwideTM

Not all companies that provide field-marketing services can compete Scheduling WorldwideTM when it comes to promo-actions.. During our years active in the field of promo-actions, we have implemented various large-scale marketing activities, giving us the confidence to say that we know how effective our service is as it helps companies achieve their goals rapidly.

We offer our clients a fully developed promotional strategy, which can include the following types of BTL-events:

  • Consultations. The consultants who provide these services know their product well and are able to work to meet objectives. They will present the goods well and will also inform the buyer about its advantages. This service can be used to advertise both new and old products.
  • Samples. This is a great way to motivate consumers to buy, because they can evaluate the taste of the product for free and then make a decision.
  • Gifts. Small but useful or delicious souvenirs can motivate a buyer to choose this brand and product.
  • Animation. Entertaining performances will not go unnoticed by visitors of the outlet. This gives you the opportunity to inform them about your products and give them the opportunity to take part in contests or games. The organization of animation is done by professional promoters and actors.
  • Distribution of leaflets. This is the most accessible type of outdoor advertising. Leaflets are delivered to hundreds of potential buyers. The information on the leaflets is displayed concisely and brightly, allowing customers to learn about discounts, promotions and the new goods in the outlets.
  • Distribution of printed products through mailboxes.

Promo actions are an effective, affordable marketing tool. Due to their flexibility, they can be used both independently and together with the implementation of a large-scale advertising campaigns. If you are interested in agencies that provide a field marketing service, you have come to the right place. Scheduling WorldwideTM will help you to find the right types of promo actions to meet your goals, correctly presenting your products and brand.

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