Promo-audit from Scheduling WorldwideTM – how to monitor the work of promoters

Special promo-actions help to promote both new and old products while attracting additional attention from consumers through tastings, promotional offers and animation. During this process, promoters play an important role. They are specialists who can present the product in a favorable light, organize a presentation or hold a raffle. A considerable budget is allocated for promotional campaigns, but how can businesses monitor the benefits of the resources allocated to such campaigns? How can they tell where the promotions have had any effect on consumers? Scheduling WorldwideTM’s promo-audit service can help businesses analyze and monitor the work of promoters and to evaluate the effectiveness their campaigns.

How does the promo-audit benefit the manufacturer?

An effective promotion requires the well-coordinated work of a whole team. As a rule, promo-actions are organized simultaneously across different the retail chains selling the manufacturer’s products. This makes the task of monitoring promotional campaigns very difficult.

However, Scheduling WorldwideTM has everything necessary for an effective and efficient audit of promotional campaigns. They have specially trained staff, knowledge and the methodology. Thanks to us, you will be able to:

  • Monitor the compliance with the work schedule;
  • Check the quality of the work;
  • Obtain the necessary information about the availability of promotional materials;
  • Rectify any shortcomings in time.

Advantages of Scheduling WorldwideTM’s audit

Our company specializes in market research, including promotional audits. We cover all outlets and consider all aspects of work. This is made possible by:

Having tens of thousands of specialists on our team who have received special training. A large team allows us to analyze the work of promoters working in outlets located across the whole country.

Modern technologies. We use special software and an online portal, providing clients with information from all outlets in real time.
Recommendations of specialists. You will not only receive data on situation taking place across your outlets but also tips on how to improve the quality of promotions quickly and effectively.

The data provided by our auditors is backed up by audio recordings and photos. This ensures that we only transmit reliable information to our clients, based on detailed questionnaires and artifacts.

The research conducted by Scheduling WorldwideTM specialists has been proven to work and benefit every client. Many of our customers have become permanent because we offer only reliable information and concrete advice for action. We are results-oriented and are ready to implement even the most complex tasks.

Do you want to find out how effective your promo-actions are or how your promotional budget is spent? We can provide you with all the information!

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