Service Attributes for Research

Customer service is important almost in all industries. High-quality customer service will increase your success, and bad customer service can drown your business.

According to recent researchers, in the near future customers will choose high-quality customer service over other criteria such as price, product range etc.

Companies will compete only through impeccable customer service.Good service consists of certain  attributes which depend on the sphere of business.

Some attributes are common to all industries, whilst some are business-specific.

We’ve prepared a list of important attributes for customers of the restaurant and banking businesses.

Let’s consider the result of a series of quality research projects.

The question: “What kind of service motivates you to come more often and to pay more?”


  • Range of dishes and drinks;
  • Cleanliness of table, toilet, dining areas, and cutlery;
  • Speed of service (the time to take and serve an order, and the time complete the payment of the bill);
  • Quality and temperature of the dishes;
  • Price-quality ratio;
  • Additional discounts, complementary offers, and specials in the restaurant menu;
  • Atmosphere, interior, music, air;
  • Conduct of waiter, barman, cashier, hostess.


  • Products of the bank (interest rates, range);
  • Staff conduct (competence, interpersonal skills, activity, politeness and attentiveness);
  • Discipline of employees, teamwork;
  • Confidentiality, observance of banking secrecy;
  • Clarity of documents;
  • Speed of service, existence of electronic queue;
  • Comfortable bank office and waiting area, convenient working hours, additional services (existence of children’s area, drinking water, toilet and WiFi);
  • Cleanliness of the office;
  • Cash machines and terminals for self-service;
  • Good location of the bank office, parking;
  • Reputation and image of the bank, credible brand;
  • Security of bank office work, presence of a security guard.

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