Staff motivation

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s staff involvement evaluation – aids the implementation of progressive solutions

Every leadership team strives to develop their business. They also constantly have new ideas that need to be implemented in practice as soon as possible. However, the process of implementing new solutions depends not only on top management, but on the entire staff as a whole. The success of new practices depends on the level of motivation and the involvement of regular employees. If you are not seeing the effect of newly implemented solutions, it’s probably time to evaluate the effectiveness of your staff management.

Why is it important to measure staff involvement?

Staff motivation has a huge impact on several important factors which, in turn, determine the success of the company. These include:

  • The quality of customer service;
  • Overall customer loyalty;
  • Sales levels

There is no doubt that a person who is interested in the work they undertake does their job to a higher standard. In the case of customer service assistants, when they are truly interested in their jobs, they smile more s sincerely at customers, they go the extra mile for customers and help them make choices. These employees also strive to gain additional knowledge in order to grow professionally and work to improve the image of the company they work for under their own initiative.

This approach does not go unnoticed by customers, as they often willingly make purchases of items recommended by staff and later recommend the company to their friends and acquaintances. The staff act as ambassadors of the company in their interactions with the customers and it is the behaviour of the regular members of staff who provide the customers with the base on which they form their opinions of a company.

If the manager of a company enthusiastically describes the features and benefits of your products or services, the customer will make a purchase. Therefore, it is not difficult to establish a connection between staff and the success of the company.

How does of Scheduling WorldwideTM’ assessment tool work?

If you are interested in the motivation levels of our staff, we can help. Scheduling WorldwideTM has developed a special program which assesses the level of employee involvement within companies. It provides an objective assessment of motivation levels because it offers:

300, 000 mystery shoppers active in different European cities. They are ready to begin collecting information from your outlets at any time
Specially created staff questionnaires designed to answer any of your questions. They help effectively determine the levels of involvement of your staff.
Experienced specialists who will help you analyze the data collected. Scheduling WorldwideTM offers effective methods to improve employee motivation which have been designed to fit the needs of individual companies.

Scheduling WorldwideTM’s assessment of the data received concerning the levels of motivation of staff members gives companies access to accurate data which has practical value. The real data also gives businesses a push for development, with Scheduling WorldwideTM offering specific recommendations for improving staff motivation. The implementation of these techniques offers companies visible benefits and it is thanks to Scheduling WorldwideTM that companies will be able to introduce progressive changes with the support of their staff and work more effectively towards achieving their goals.

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