Scheduling WorldwideTM’s surveys – find out your customers think about you

You should not be offended when you hear customers’ true opinions about your company. It should be used to your advantage and help you eliminate any shortcomings and develop your business. Do you want to increase the loyalty of your customers? Then Scheduling WorldwideTM’s survey tool is for you. It can be developed to fit to your specific needs and has three different methodologies to choose from.

Conducting surveys when customers leave the outlet

This is the most representative and objective way of obtaining information as customer’s still have fresh opinions and impressions of the outlet in their mind. This method also enables companies to get opinions from a large variety of people – people of any age, gender, education and income level can be interviewed during just one day. The interviewer uses a pre-designed questionnaire during the research and the survey requires just a couple of minutes of the customer’s time. The results are then transferred to our specialized online portal ShopMetrics.
Customer surveys are carried out by using an electronic version of the questionnaire. At the same time, Mystery Shoppers also conduct audio recordings of the survey to minimize any errors.

Online surveys

Modern technologies have simplified many marketing tasks and now surveys don’t have to be done with a pen and paper. These new methods have the following advantages:
1. Different ways of conducting a survey:

  • via emails or text message;
  • via a company website

2. Online surveys can be conducted at any time of the day.

3. More detail. When completing survey at home, the customer is not in a hurry and can complete the survey at a convenient time and give more detailed answers.

4. Low resource intensity. Sending surveys does not require long-term work. It is enough to form a list of recipients and the customer to access the platform themselves.

5. Obtaining information instantly. The company receives the results of the survey immediately on completion.

Telephone Surveys

If you want to order a telephone survey, Scheduling WorldwideTM has the perfect offer. We have created a live call-center for you and your clients will only communicate with specially trained employees who do not read from pre-prepared questionnaires but also use an individual approach to find out important information.

Our telephone surveys use INFINITY software which generates questionnaires, filters the respondents by the necessary parameters and automatically dials the number. The telephone conversation is then recorded.

Communication with a real interviewer allows customers to share their emotions and thoughts. Accurate feedback will help to increase customer loyalty as customers know that their opinion is valuable and will be taken into account by the company’s management.

Scheduling WorldwideTM has developed interesting and effective surveys which help to find out customers’ true opinions regarding their experience with a brand. At the same time, we offer our customers the opportunity to save time and money by having our team conduct the surveys.

Using our service will give you the possibility of increasing customer loyalty levels, strengthen your position on the market and improve your reputation.

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