Technology Trends

Google is more than just a Search Engine

Google has become an agent for primary interaction with clients. In most cases clients seek help not on a brand website, but they search it in Google.

The point of purchase is a smartphone

The future is mobile applications.

Whereas previously the buyer made a decision at the point of purchase, now he makes a decision in the showroom or on the Internet. Tomorrow a smartphone will become the main point of making purchasing decisions, and the proliferation of 4G contributes to this.

Many companies (books, clothes, tech) strive to go directly to the client without retail chains, using the Internet for sales and contractors for delivery (DHL, FedEx, United Parcel Service etc).

It gives the opportunity to small businesses to increase sales and expand their customer base.

Gamification for the involvement of clients with the best brands

Customized gamification in loyalty programs for adults and children, the interaction of a virtual environment with reality and speech recognition technologies, becomes the marketing instrument that allows clients to test the goods before purchase.

Big Data – focus on biometric and personalization

The amount of accumulated data multiplies geometrically. The best companies process all possible data for maximum personalization.

According to consulting company Gartner, by 2020 the profit of brands that have implemented personalization will increase by 15%.

The personal data collection systems (scanners of foot and skin, physical parameters of human face and voice) allow the control of staff and standards of service, but they need to be compliant with Data Protection Acts.

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